Mentorship Program


The WISE Mentorship Program is a way for undergraduate students in science and engineering to connect with committed and passionate mentors who are knowledgeable and experienced in their field. The goal of the program is to help students with their professional and personal development, and introduce them to new people, ideas, and inspirations.

Mentor Matching

Making the right match is critical for engaging both students and mentors in a meaningful exchange of ideas and experiences.

Before the start of the program, every participating student and mentor will fill out a questionnaire, gauging their availability, interests, set of experiences and field of study/work. Based on this information, each student will be paired up with the mentor whose profile best matches theirs, and is the most suitable for answering their questions.

Meet and Greet

An initial Meet and Greet event will be held for all students and mentors. This is an opportunity for students to get acquainted with their matched mentor and to also meet fellow participating students.

Student Workshops

All students will participate in workshops that will help them better formulate their goals, begin thinking about their plans beyond graduation, and understand the challenges they will need to overcome.
Both mentors and mentees will also be provided with guidelines to help generate an organic discussion, and allow students to take full advantage of their time with their mentor.

The WISE Mentorship Program is based on mentorship values of mutual respect, clear expectations, and willingness to be vulnerable and honest. It is not solely a networking opportunity, but a chance for students to receive motivation, support, and perspective from their mentors.


Students who are interested in applying for the 2015-2016 program will be able to apply online, starting from Sept. 7th 12:01 AM.

The application is now live. Please click HERE to apply

For more information on how you can take part in this program, or register as a mentor, please contact Helia Safaee at

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often can I meet with my mentor?

A: That’s completely up to each mentor/mentee pair. Each pair is responsible for setting at least two meeting dates in the span of an academic year (September to April), but when and how the meeting takes place is completely up to the pair.

Q: Will I still be able to talk to my mentor after the program ends for the year?

A: Students and mentors are encouraged to stay in touch even after the conclusion of that year’s program. However, this is something that should first be discussed and agreed upon between the two of you.

Q: Do I need to submit anything as part of the program?

A: At the beginning of the program, students are asked to state any goals they have coming into the program. At the end of the program, students are asked to re-assess themselves, reflect on what they’ve learned, and state what new steps they will take towards their goals.

Q: How can I share feedback to help improve the program?

A: You can contact directly at Helia Safaee at with any feedback. Thank you!